“I give my clients fearless, short and firm advice in relation to their legal matters in for all real estate matters, whether selling, buying or renting. This not only allows them to achieve excellent results but also establishes lasting relationships with all my clients to enable me to make lifelong friendships with my clients and their families in either role as their solicitor or their real estate agent.

When I talk to my clients my driving goal is not the sales commission or the solicitor’s fee but it is their trust and confidence in me so that they and their families succeed and retain me as their real estate agent and solicitor for life.”

Adrian is a solicitor and principal real estate agent with more than 25 years’ combined experience. Adrian Hawkes is driven by the excitement and satisfaction that comes withe making long term friendships with clients and their families as both lawyer and real estate agent.

Adrian identified his passion for real estate and law while working in property development, sales and auctions in the local real estate markets in Tasmania and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He has a strong reputation as an ethical and astute solicitor, strong advocate, real estate agent, auctioneer and sales professional.

His extensive background in negotiation and sales relationships allows him to continually achieve consistent successful outcomes for sellers and all clients alike. Understanding the importance of communication and service to clients, Adrian demonstrates his commitment from start to finish, guiding property decisions for both established and new clients.

For urgent matters outside of business hours please call or text to 0418 130 027

Practice AreasAdrian oversees all practice areas at Hawkes Lawyers
EducationBachelor of Laws
Principal Real Estate Licence
Supreme Court of Queensland
High Court of Australia
(07) 5445 4711
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Fax(07) 5445 4146
0418 130 027
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