family, father

$2,200 - $3,300

Initiating Applications

$770 - $2,200 per day

Appearances / Trials

First Consultation Free

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Excludes stamp duty, searches etc

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$330 - $2,200*

Adjournments / guilty pleas *subject to receiving all info


Complex guilty pleas & Appearances in all Courts in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and surrounds

$1,100 - $2,200

Defended Trials

laptop, financial aagreement, court document


First Consultation

Fixed Fee Services

for all business sale & purchases, leasing, settlement of commercial disputes, new contracts

offcie laptops, document writing

$330 - $440*

*Depends on type of matter
*Depends when fees are paid

old couple, park


Standard Wills & Enduring Power of Attorney


Advance Health Directive


Mutually Binding Wills & Testamentary Trust Wills

office, accountants

First Letter of Demand and only $50.00 (Plus GST) thereafter

$269 - $1,154*

Statement of Claim for debts
< $1,000 and > $10,000


Judgement by Default
*Excludes Disbursements

man sitting alone at night, domestic viloence, abuse, court case

We offer fee packages for Court appearances and legal representation in DVO matters where you instruct us to act for you in a property and or children's matter

$330 to $440

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Business sales and purchases

Call us for an estimate of your fees

Scott Green 0477 444 666 Adrian Hawkes 0418 130027

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First Consultation

Hourly Rate

Negotiation & Court Appearances

By Agreement

Statement of Claim / Claim Deed of Release and Settlement



Including completing and filing all necessary Court application documents, affidavits and legal processes
* Plus Court filing fees, all advertising costs, searches, lodgement of Court application documents, instructions to filing agents etc

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0418 130027 8am - 8pm
7 Days

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Free First Consultation