1. Terms & Conditions 

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(altogether “the websites”), you agree to Hawkes Lawyers ABN 67 926 347 392 (us, we, our) providing you with access to information or materials on the Websites and these Website Terms & Conditions. 

Any information, material, documentation, graphics, articles, content or any other content are solely for the purpose of providing you with information of our products and services and matters or material that may be of interest to you or a client of ours. 

You should be aware that the world-wide web / internet is unsecure and at any material time your communication or access to the Websites may be intercepted or alternatively altered. 

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2. Restrictions on Use of the Websites 

The Websites and any information, links or facilities contained on the Websites must not be used in any way that is considered unlawful, or for any illegal purpose, or in any manner that infringes our rights or obligations. 

You must not: 

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  • Use or create links from or to the Websites in any document or through the world-wide web or otherwise or copy or mirror any information contained therein without our prior written consent;

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  • Incorporate advertisements, offers, goods or services or otherwise on the Websites without our prior written consent;

  • Transmit any viruses, worms or other disabling or otherwise damaging product, feature or otherwise to the Websites;

  • Abuse, harass, cause offence, defame, threaten, stalk or violate our rights including, but not limited to, privacy, copyright, publicity or the rights of any users of the Websites;

  • Remove attributions, notices, labels or otherwise on any file that you are able to download or access from the Websites;

  • Send us or any of the Websites users chain letters, surveys, contests or advertising material, links to other websites, commercial or unsolicited bulk electronic messages or otherwise which may constitute an infringement under any legislative instruments in Australia such as, but not limited to, the Spam Act 2003 (Cth) without our prior written consent;

  • Obtain personal information from us or any of the Websites users which may constitute an infringement of Australian privacy legislation;

  • Use the Websites in a way that;

    • Infringes or facilitates a breach of a law or regulation or these Website Terms & Conditions;

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    • Is discriminatory;

    • Is in breach of any State of Australia or Commonwealth legislation;

    • Represents us as being or giving false or misleading information;

    • Permit any person or entity to do or ask anyone else to do something that is in breach of this Website Terms & Conditions;

    • Identifies any of the Websites users, including any of their personal information of whatsoever kind extending to photos, names, birth dates, or any other particulars which are sufficient to identify the user.


3. Access the Websites 

You access the Website at your own risk. You are responsible for comply with any law or regulation in your jurisdiction and to comply with this Websites Terms & Conditions. 

We do not make any representations or warranties in respect of the Websites that is non-compliant with a law or regulation of a country outside of Australia, which is our jurisdiction. 


4. Provision of Service 

At any time, we can suspend, delete, deny or disconnect the Websites without giving you warning or referring to you. In some situations, this may be the result of; 

  • Maintenance;

  • Technical failures;

  • You not complying with this Websites Terms & Conditions;

  • An act or omission on your part that causes harm, damage or otherwise to the Websites;

  • Improvements or changes to the Websites;

  • Any other reason in which we deem reasonable. 


5. Intellectual Property Matters 

From time to time, we permit you to; 

  • Download; and/or

  • Copy; and/or

  • Print; 

information from the Websites for personal use only. 

You otherwise cannot; 

  • Use; and/or

  • Reproduce; and/or

  • Communicate; and/or

  • Publish; and/or

  • Distribute; and/or

  • Sell; and/or

  • Let; and/or

  • Share; and/or

  • Permit anyone else to do any of the things in this list; 

without our prior consent unless it is considered a fair dealing as set out in the Copyrights Act 1968 (Cth). 


6. Non-Legal Advice 

Any information or material that is contained in any of the Websites is only intended to be general in nature. It is not anything other than that of a comment. We do not guarantee any information or material contained in the Websites. 

You should not rely on any information or documents contained within the Websites unless that document is intended to bind you by way of an agreement. 


7. Client/solicitor Relationship 

Nothing in the Websites creates the client/solicitor relationship. If you submit anything to us through any forms that we make available, then any applicable agreement or other associated terms and conditions is only intended to bind you after we have performed the necessary conflict search to establish that a relationship may be formed. 


8. Copyright Matters 

We reserve all rights in respect of copyrights and the content Contained in any of the Websites. 

We do not permit you to copy by any means whatsoever the information or content on any of the Websites. 


9. Limitation of Liability 

Any information or material or content that we make available through the Websites from time to time is general in nature. By using any such information, a duty of care should not be assumed. Again, we make no representations or warranties of whatsoever kind relation to accuracy, quality, wholeness, viruses, worms, defects or otherwise. 

You should obtain independent legal advice by someone who can practice the law in Australia before acting on any information or content of the Websites. 

If a law or regulations imposes liability of whatsoever kind, these Website Terms & Conditions is intended to, so far as reasonably possible, disclaim or limit our liability. Where this is not possible, the Australian Consumer Law applies. 

We disclaim all liability for any form of damage to you arising out of the use or reliance on anything contained in the Websites. 


10. Jurisdiction

By using any of the Websites, you agree to be bound by the laws of Queensland, Australia and irrevocably submit to that exclusive jurisdiction. 


11. Uploading Information 

You represent and warrant that any material, content, information or otherwise that is uploaded or received by us through the Websites is; 

  • Free from viruses, worms, trojans or any other disabling feature or mechanism;

  • Authorised;

  • Not defamatory, malicious, coercive, threatening, harassing, unfair or ‘passing off’;

  • Not infringing of any third party’s rights or obligations;

  • Not a breach of any Australian laws or regulations. 


12. Severance 

In the event any of these Website Terms & Condition are found void or unenforceable for any reasons, then that part will be deemed severed and the remainder will be unaffected and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining term or condition. 


13. Indemnity 

By using any of the Websites, you hereby indemnify us from and against any claim or proceedings, whether threatened or instituted and any liability, loss, damage or otherwise (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) that we incur or may suffer as a result of; 

  • You breaching these Website Terms & Conditions;

  • You breaching a law, legislation, regulation, by-law or otherwise in Australia;

  • You or a third party brining an action as a result of an act or omission by you.